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Weekly Rainbow News

Hello Parents,

This week starts our Dr. Seuss theme. We have been reading a lot of Dr. Seuss's books. The art we have made so far has been; The Fox in Socks and Thing 1 & 2. For the Class time, we have been working on are uppercase/lowercase letters and counting and comparing. This week is also our last letter of the week “Z”. Next week we will start learning about the days of the week.

Last week and this week we have also been talking a lot about how to be a super friend. This includes how to enter a playgroup, using gentle hands/feet, and kind words. When a teacher has seen someone being a super friend we have a superhero cape that they get to wear for part of the day!

Today was our Wednesday pajama day! We will alternate between Fridays and Wednesdays so that everyone gets a day to rock the Pj’s. I will have all the days on our Rainbow calendar too.

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