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Weekly Rainbow News

Hello Parents,

I'm glad to be back in the classroom after a long week of quarantining again. This is the second week of our Dinosaurs theme. We've talked about the different characteristics of dinosaurs and which ones are herbivores and carnivores. We have been doing a lot of Dino art as well. Everything from masks to fossils, dinosaur tails, and painting pictures. Mrs. Jennie from the Library has been a big help with delivering new books for each of our themes this year as well.

This week our letter of the week is “S”. The kids are always quick to use the names of classmates that they know starts with the letter of the week. We got a hand full of kids and a teacher with an “S” starting their name.

Comets has been a blast so far. The kids and the teachers are happy that we could make it work this year. Thanks to all the parents for being flexible and super helpful on Fridays!

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