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About Rainbow Rascals Rockies

Rainbow, Rascals and Rockies programs believe children learn best through play. There are many opportunities throughout the day for the children to have authentic play where they are carefully led to have creative and educational play experiences.

Our Programs

Learning Through Play

Kids Painting

Toddler Program (Ages 1-3)

At Rascal’s Toddler Program, our main goal is to make your toddler’s first school experience very special. We provide a warm, loving environment in which a child can grow, thrive and truly enjoy!

Preschool Program (Ages 3-5)

Rainbow focuses on teaching children important social skills as well as preparing them for Kindergarten. Rainbow strives to make school fun and interesting so children are excited to learn for the rest of their lives.

After School Program

(Ages 5-8)

Rockies is dedicated to providing quality daycare that promotes positive interaction between peers, our community and the environment.

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