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At Rainbow, our main goal is to equip each child with the tools necessary to lead a successful life. These skills will include: independence, confidence, self worth, be able to make a decision and problem solve on their own, and view new situations with an open mind.


Our second goal is to prepare each child for Kindergarten success. This means functioning in a group, being able to listen and follow directions, as well as instilling the feeling that school is a fun and interesting place to be.


Our third goal is to give to teach important social skills. These include: being a good friend, resolving conflicts, talking about and excepting our differences and recognizing and dealing with our emotions. We follow the Pyramid Plus model. This approach focuses on positive instruction, supporting positive behavior through reinforcements like verbal praise, stickers, thumbs up, pats on the back, hugs, special jobs, etc. We also focus on giving children calming strategies when they have big emotions, teaching emotional literacy, friendship skills and problem solving strategies to resolve conflicts.



Rainbow’s Mission is to provide an exceptional childcare program in a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, which enhances our community by developing happy, confident and well adjusted children.



Rainbow is open year-round,

Monday through Friday from 8am – 4pm.


Rainbow preschool offers a wonderful year round program for children ages 2 years 9 months through 5 years old. Before your child can attend, you must meet with the director and fill out the registration packet in full.



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