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Welcome back to Rainbow!

Updated: May 30, 2020

Hello Families! We are so looking forward to spending time with your children

again! We are looking at this as an opportunity to be outside in the sunshine and

mountain air as much as possible and to play and learn together in the most

enriching and the safest environment possible. Please take the time to review the

new policies and procedures and please do not hesitate to reach out with any

questions or concerns.

1. Staffing and Hours of Operation

Pam will be teaching at Rainbow and Brandon will be at Rockies each day

and I will be floating between both programs. We will be open from 8:30-4pm,

M-F. This allows us time to thoroughly disinfect at the end of the day and

ensures there is no staff overtime, which we simply can’t afford right now.

2. Drop off and Pick up Procedures

Drop off will be between 8:30-9:30 am only. We ask that the same parent

drop off and pick up, if possible. Rainbow families will enter the backyard using

the path to the right of the building and Rockies families will enter the backyard

using the path to the left. There will be markers for waiting to ensure social

distancing. If you see many families waiting, please just wait in your car. I will

greet you in the backyard and conduct a quick health screening. I will then bring

your child into the facility where they will be greeted by Pam or Brandon. They

will help them wash their hands, put their things away and transition into the

classroom. All parents may exit through the backshed.

Pick up will look a little different. Text us when you arrive and we will bring

your child to you. Rainbow pick up will be at the back door as usual and you will

exit out the back shed just like at drop off. Rockies pick up will be at the front

door and you may exit out the front as well.

3. Health Screening and Masks

We will be conducting health screenings at drop off each morning, which will

consist of some questions and then taking both you and your child’s

temperature. Please have your mask on and have your child wear a mask.

All staff will also be wearing masks. We know this is going to be a challenge

for some kids and we will not force a child to wear a mask if they cannot

handle it. There will be no masks on while we eat or at naptime.

4. Snacks

In order to help our program financially, we are asking that you provide your

child with a large, nutritious lunch as well as a morning and afternoon snack.

Much appreciated!

5. Daily Schedule

The daily schedule will be similar to a typical Rainbow day and typical

Rockies in town full day with a focus on getting outside as much as possible

to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and fresh San Juan Mountain air!

6. Please have your child bring the following items each day:

Large Nutritious Lunch with Two Snacks




Backpack (for Rockies)

Tennis Shoes

Change of clothes

7. We will be doing another registration for July in mid-June. Please note that

we cannot guarantee your schedule.

8. Please provide your most up to date contact and emergency contact

information. Please keep in mind that there will always have to be a parent

available to pick up right away in case of illness.

9. Please read the Re-Opening Childcare Parent Information Document as well

as the COVID-19 Childcare Guidelines. These are important documents for

you to review as it includes details of the guidelines that we will be following

and that you will also be required to follow. After you read it, please sign


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