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Weekly Rainbow News

Hello Parents!

We are on our second week of the building study. This week we took a walk around town to see some building sites and talked about the tools that are used to help construct certain buildings. We also experimented with some different materials to see what we could build for art this week as well.

The letter of the week is “L”. The kids have been very good at coming up with words that start with the letter “L”. I am always surprised at what they come up with! Some of our favorite ones have been; Love, Like, Lemon, lime and of course our friend Lucas.

Next week is our Thanksgiving week, with there only being three days of Rainbow Preschool since we will be closed Thanksgiving and the Friday after. We will focus on more of a Thanksgiving theme, while also having our own little Thanksgiving feast on Wednesday for lunch. If you would like to send some kind of Thanksgiving food for our feast, that would be much appreciated. As of right now we will have some rotisserie chicken, stuffing and probably some mashed potatoes. I would still send a lunch with your child that day just in case they aren't interested in anything we have.

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