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Scholarship Information

We are awarded grants from multiple institutions on a yearly basis that are strictly allocated to families in need of tuition assistance. We encourage all families to review our criteria and apply. In the past, we have had a surplus of funds, and we want more families to take advantage of these grants. We have simplified the application form in hopes of making this a less daunting process!


Please see the below Scholarship Eligibility Levels chart, based on the federal poverty levels, on which we will be basing our scholarship awards. If you fall in the gray area of the chart, you will need to apply to Social Services for financial aid. (If this pertains to you, please know that this direction is more beneficial for you, in that 100% of your tuition is paid for.)  If you fall above our approved yellow area, you are still welcome to apply, though will need you to thoroughly complete the “unusual circumstances” section of our application form. Please understand that the families most in need will be awarded first.


Turn in fully completed applications and most current tax returns to your school’s director. Please know she will hand these over directly to the Board of Directors' Scholarship Committee, and your information will remain strictly confidential. Feel free to reach out to your director with questions or concerns regarding the application process.

2020 Scholarship Eligibility Levels.jpg
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