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All things SUMMER

Happy summer! We are starting our 3 week theme with loads of fun. Thank you for keeping cubbies stocked with all the things (swim suits, sun hats and recently…rain coats). Like I said before, water day is dependent on weather but we have been lucky so far! We sure do love being outside!

We did a science experiment with icecream & icecubes “Which one will melt first?” for class time that they loved to watch for results. We worked on our pincer grasp with using pinchers to take ants out of a box…with yarn for a slight challenge. They’re also ALL doing such a great job at writing their names!! I’m impressed!

We had our first Special Guest Reader….Lauren Quimby (Doctor O’s Mom). The kids were so excited to hear one of Owen’s favorite books and then made our own ants for art. I can’t wait to have more parents (or grandparents) in the classroom!

Yesterday at the library, we had story time, released butterflies and then made our own butterflies to fly all the way back to rainbow. We are so lucky to have the best library ever right down the street!

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