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Bear Theme

Hi parents! Another awesome week at Rainbow…we are on our bear theme and learning about all the different types of bears, what they eat and where they live. We are having a Teddy Bear Day 6/5 where everyone will be able to bring their own bear from home. I might have prematurely mentioned “Teddy Bear Day” and now they think it’s everyday this week…sorry! If they don’t have any kind of bear at home or forgot, we will have plenty of extra cuties.

Everyday the kids can pick a job when they arrive at school, but if the jobs fill up before it’s your child’s turn to pick then we will just focus on trying to get the super friend cape that day! We are working on going with the flow and shaking off the small stuff…lots of other exciting things happening during the day to focus on!

Also, if any parents/grandparents have more availability this summer, we would love to have y’all in the classroom to read a book or two! Text me with any interest and we can figure out a perfect time.

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