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Hello Rainbow Family

I wanted to let you know that as the Summer approaches and takes us into the new school year, I am so excited and honored to be named lead teacher! I can't say I've been waiting in the wings quietly, but will say I am anxious and ready with a ton of new ideas for learning and FUN! This has been a dream for a very long time and together we can build Lifetime Learners. I love you all and am grateful for the support, encouragement and prayers. Our Village is the Best and the little humans we are creating are not only smart, but more importantly kind! I welcome your feedback as this is new for all of us, but can promise you I will love and nurture your kiddos as my own.

I will be updating the online calendar as well as a physical one inside Rainbow on our board to keep y’all in the loop with the exciting things going on during the week. With that being said, please be sure that your child comes to school everyday with a water bottle, sun hat and walking shoes. We love to have picnics and play outside as much as possible during the beautiful summer days ahead!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, ideas or concerns…I want to keep y’all as involved as you’d like to be. I know I sure love seeing/hearing what Rory is up to at school as well!

Shelby Stephenson


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