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Rainbow Weekly News

Hello parents,

For the next two weeks, we will be doing a building study at Rainbow. We have talked about how structures are built and what materials one can use to build a structure. This is one of my favorite topics to do because the kids always seem to love the building aspect. Our letter of the week is "N". You're always coming up with new words we know, that start with the letter "N".

Matt Kroll will be here this Thursday to do pictures of the kids. His headshots always look amazing. If your child isn't normally here on Thursdays, still feel free to bring them in to get a picture if you would like one!

Rainbow is in need of old pants that you might not be needing anymore. These would be used for the occasional accidents. Sometimes we don't always have spares in our cabbies, and it's nice to have some backup ones at Rainbow.

Also, Comets registrations forms are due at the end of today!

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