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Rainbow Weekly News

Hello Parents!

It's been a busy, crazy, fun summer. Congrats to our graduates who we miss already. This week starts our school year with three new friends! Torrey, Malcolm, and Wyatt. We also had two new friends start this past spring as well. Ruby and Kestrel. We are excited to get this school year started with our new crew of friends. With help from our older kids, it will be a great year!

This week we start our introduction week at Rainbow by familiarizing ourselves with Rainbow rules and our centers. We are already working on the letter "A" for our letter of the week. We also started Soccer this week as well. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15 am! Gymnastics is on pause for this week and next week. We will continue Gymnastics on Wednesdays, starting on the Sep 7th.

We have a live calendar schedule on our website at . Click on the "parent portal" and go to "inside rainbow". The password is; RRR2020

There you will see an activity calendar letting you know the letter of the week, our themes, circle time topic, and small class time activity. I will also have any extracurricular activities that we are signed up for on there as well.

All Rainbow kids should bring a lunch, water bottle, and closed-toed footwear every day. it's good to keep a change of clothing, a rain jacket, and a sun hat in their cubbies. This winter we will ask that snow gear be left in their cubbies as well. Rainbow's sign-in/out sheet is by our main entrance at the back of the preschool. Please write down any early pick-ups at the bottom of that day's paper.

Rainbow posts most of our pictures on our Instagram @ rainbowpreschool3820.

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