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Rainbow Weekly News

Good Morning Parents!

This week starts our summer programming. Gymnastics has been moved to Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, when the weather is nice. We will do pools and sprinklers out in the backyard (swimsuits needed). Thursdays will be story time at the library and Fridays will be farmers market and library show.

I have set up a "Rainbow Book Club box". It's on top of the lunch shelf. There are a bunch of beginner phonics books to check out and take home to read with your kiddos.

Being summer, we would like to recommend that all kids leave a spare swimming suit, sun hat, and some form of close toe footwear on them each day. Having applied sunscreen before arriving at Rainbow is also super helpful. We will reapply sunscreen before going outside as well. Having a packed cold lunch and a water bottle will also be very helpful this summer. We won't always be eating lunch at Rainbow! We have also had a lot of "quiet time stuffed animals" being switched out lately. To make it easier for Shelby and I, we would prefer if they chose one stuffy to just leave at Rainbow.

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