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Rainbow Weekly News

We have made it through our first week of the new school year. Let's welcome our new friends that are starting this year! For the girls we have; Minneaux, Avery, Charley, and Prudence. For the boys, we have the brothers Gavin and Finn. We are excited to have an amazing group of new friends starting!

Some friendly reminders. We have a sign-in sheet on the right as you come in through Rainbow's back door. We are required to keep records of kids being signed in and signed out each day. Please put the time and your initials when dropping off or picking up. The teachers are glad to help with this when we can.

For kid's lunches, I recommend containers that have dividers in them. This makes it easier for them to have access to most of their food without the teacher's help. The more our preschoolers can do on their own, the more confident and empowered they will feel about being a big preschooler. Please make sure your child has a full water bottle each day.

The cubbies have two bins in them. In the top bin, we like to keep spare clothes, hats, gloves, and sunglasses. In their bottom bin, we like to keep boots, shoes, and slippers down there.

Rainbow also has a family picture board. We have a lot of free space for our new families to send us some family pictures.

We also start circle time around 9:30 a.m. every day. This is an important time of the day as we learn about our letter of the week, counting our friends, and going over our schedule. Circle allows time during the day for the children to connect with each other and their teachers. It encourages listening, talking, and sharing among the children and modeling opportunities for the teacher. Also, it encourages the development of social skills by providing daily, structured social interactions.

This week at Rainbow we started learning about the letter "A". Our theme this week and next is all about Rainbow Preschool. We use this time to help introduce the newer kids and remind the older kids what centers we have and how we use them. Also started soccer this past Thursday! Starting next week we will be doing soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then gymnastics on Wednesdays!

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