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Your little athletes are loving this theme! We are working on some hand eye coordination and cheering on our progress. We have all types of balls in our “Rainbow Sporting Goods” store where the kids can familiarize themselves with the different gear & get a healthy snack to fuel their bodies. We have stocked the library with books on all different kinds of sports that they can learn about. Erin Murray put on an awesome Olympics day for us last week at the elementary school playground that everyone loved so much. What a treat! We’ve also have had Grandpa Charlie (Whittaker’s Grandpa) come by and read some books for us. Let me know if that is something you’d be interested in and we would love to squeeze you in!

WATER DAY- this is definitely weather permitting so it’s hard to schedule. If you could please leave a suit in their top bin, that would be great. If you don’t have an extra, a sun shirt and shorts will do just fine. Thank you for being so great about a sun hat & a water bottle! The kids have been prepared for all our fun packed days!

I hope that all you dads had a great Father’s Day and got the little keychain from your kiddo! They had such fun making them.

HOMEWORK- this is not mandatory at all but some of the kids seem to really like it! It consists of practicing writing a letter and then 2 other activities attached. If this is something you think your child would be interested in & isn’t already doing let me know and I’d be happy to make them a folder! It’s great practice for kindergarten but again, not mandatory or graded in any way.

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