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Weekly Rainbow News

Good morning parents!

This week starts our study of buildings. We have been learning about the different types of buildings throughout the world, everything from skyscrapers to castles. We’ve also been talking about what materials are used in constructing a building as well.

We’ve been using some of art time and recess to explore our building skills with different materials. We’ve made toothpick and marshmallow structures. Skyscrapers using squares, rectangles and triangles. Outside if you haven't noticed, we've been trying to build an igloo from the little snow we got in town.

Our letter of the week is “K”. We use the ASL alphabet to sing our letter of the week song every day, while talking about different things we know that start with the letter “K”. As I’ve been telling the kiddos, the letter “K” can be a tricky because it sounds like the letter “C” too. Please feel free to talk with your little ones about buildings or the letter of the week at home to keep them thinking.

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