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Weekly Rainbow News

Hello parents,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to my weekly emails for the start of the school year. We also have a live Rainbow activity calendar on our website. Go to "Parent Portal" then click on "Inside Rainbow" put in our password of "RRR2020". You can then see what are weekly themes, Letter of the week, class time topic, and our question of the day is. I also post birthdays and any enrichment guests we have coming to work with the kids as well. I do find the calendar works best on a desktop browser or by switching your mobile browser to desktop mode.

For the start of the school year, we have been learning about Rainbow rules, the different centers we have, about ourselves, families, and our friends. This week we started our theme on emotions. This is a big one for this age group. We talk about how to recognize different types of emotions, how to understand the emotions, and how we can manage our emotions!

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